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Honor and the Purple/

Honor and the Purple/ A Dreamer's Weavings/ Of Hidden Wings, Book One/ By Twilight Beckoned, Book Two

It started with a nightmare...

Flying... Her mind drifted on clouds like the ones that scraped her belly, cool and caressing, slightly tickling... She laughed, and spun and dove, looking to her side, expecting to see her black warrior beside her in this dream, for surely it was a dream... But he was not to be seen. Disappointed, she turned her wing, tipping her below the clouds...

The lands burned. She back-winged in shock and horror at the savage gust of heat and sparking embers that launched themselves at the sky, great billows of smoke that choked her throat and stung her eyes, blurring her vision, making it hard to see. She lost altitude fast, try to climb though she would, and she saw the burning forests loom up from below, the smoke growing blacker and thicker, and the heat worse the closer she grew.

She pumped her wings in frantic terror, but gravity had her, and she crashed into the burning remains of the trees. She felt the heat rending at her flesh, felt her claws char and began to burn, and then felt her skin itself catch afire, and she screamed her horrible pain at the sky...

And her cry died as she saw the heavens, for they were filled with dragons. Hope surged up within her even then, one of these would save her, surely! But then one dragon swooped closer, fierce and red, tipped by black in a way no dragon should be, and it opened its mouth, and out came more flames, so hot, so hot they burned her away...

It shouldn't have happened...

There had been peace among the ordered dragons for millenia, ever since the humans were driven from the freedom-loving creatures' home. There was no reason to suspect an attack from the shaded dragons of the north, whom they'd had no interaction with in so long. And it certainly shouldn't have started with a vision laid upon the wings of the next heir-daughter of Rose-Purple.

But to a race that has long since lost their fire, and any claim on ancient magick, this forewarning may be the only chance they have to survive an enemy that still possesses both. Though she expects no one to believe the dreaming, she finds that both she, and the prophecy, have secretly been awaited by some...

A study of dragons...

A society on the edge of war, so bound by religious superstition imposed by the Holy-White Order, that they're forbidden to use magick to defend their own lives.

The tale concerns a princess who grew up on legends of warriors, and longs to join their ranks, though she's destined to inherit the leadership of her people.

It reflects on the aging leader of a group of warriors, manipulating the strings in the background, whose strings are similarily manipulated by one of those few remaining who know magick.

And it introduces an outcast, who could be the key to a secret forgotten centuries before.

They're all, dragons.

Go ahead, take another look.

Honor and the Purple, by Laurie Gonzalez

Available of course on all those pleasant on-line book stores that you know and love, this novel is also available directly from the publisher... Who knows, you might get a better price!

A word or two in brief...

By choice I am a word-smith, a teller of tales, and a lover of dragons. All too often a vain or short-sighted human will ruin a perfectly good dragon story, in my opinion. I could either complain about it, or write my own... Now you see where this gets me.

I shall waste your time with no deep discussion of myself, or my view of the world... I'm only real after all. This site is devoted to fantasy! If dragons aren't your thing, keep reading...



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